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Invest in Instrumentation to Grow Your Practice

SYNOPSIS Purchasing new instrumentation is a cornerstone of practice growth. Research well and evaluate usage before making a costly acquisition. ACTION POINTS PLAN & RESEARCH. Determine what new information the instrument will give you, and whether you need the most advanced model. PURCHASE WITH GROWTH IN MIND. Buy instrumentation to CONTINUE


Acquiring a Practice: Management Lessons Learned

Six months ago, I acquired an existing practice. Here are three essential business management challenges I’ve faced in that short period of time–along with the lessons I’ve learned. New practice owners confront business needs they never had before. I should know because I opened my first practice this year in February, and CONTINUE


Business Networking Organizations: Generate Referrals

As a small business owner who recently opened her own practice, the insights of other local small business people is valuable to me. Fortunately, I made important contacts through Business Networking International (BNI), an organization for business people with local chapters throughout the world. Practicing in a city like Lima, CONTINUE


One-Day, One-Month Replacement CLs: Key to CL Patient Satisfaction

Contact lenses are loved by the many patients who are freed from wearing glasses, and given superb acuity in their contacts. That love affair with contact lenses, however, will run dry (often literally) if the lenses are not comfortable, or worse yet, if the contacts do harm to the wearer’s CONTINUE


Billboards: Promote Your Practice Identity to Your Community

SYNOPSIS Billboard advertising can quickly turn your practice into a highly recognizable brand in your community. ACTION POINTS CHOOSE STRONG MESSAGE & GRAPHICS. Introduce yourself, your practice name, logo and special services. PICK LOCATION. A town center or heavily trafficked business center can create chatter about your practice. TRACK RESULTS. CONTINUE