Welcome to Visual Eyes, Inc. where Dr. Miller and staff are committed to providing the highest quality eye care to you and your family in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Please take a look at the services we provide:

Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination

Yearly eye health and vision examinations are an important part of preventive health care. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. As a result, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are important for maintaining good vision and eye health, and when possible, preventing vision loss. Individual patient signs and symptoms, along with the professional judgment of the doctor, may significantly influence the testing done.

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Contact Lens Evaluation

Contact lenses are a medical device, therefore, contact lens wearers need an eye exam each year.  We assess the comfort, vision, and fit of contact lenses to keep your eyes healthy.

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Dry Eye Evaluation

Dry eye occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly, or when the tears are not of the correct consistency and evaporate too quickly.

In addition, inflammation of the surface of the eye may occur along with dry eye. If left untreated, this condition can lead to pain, ulcers, or scars on the cornea, and some loss of vision. However, permanent loss of vision from dry eye is uncommon.

Dry eye can make it more difficult to perform some activities, such as using a computer or reading for an extended period of time, and it can decrease tolerance for dry environments, such as the air inside an airplane.

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Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can damage the eye’s optic nerve and result in vision loss and blindness. Glaucoma occurs when the normal fluid pressure inside the eyes slowly rises. However, with early treatment, you can often protect your eyes against serious vision loss.

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Because Dr. Miller feels it is so important for infants to have their eyes examined at an early age, she participates in the InfantSEE program. This program provides one eye exam to infants 6-12 months at no charge.

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