Visual Eyes has a full range of optometry services for our patients

A critical step in ensuring the health of your eyes, yearly eye exams monitor the eyes for signs of change with vision, the retina, or pupil. Because many eye and vision problems lack obvious signs, many people are unaware that their eyes may have issues brewing. These can include cataracts, diabetes, and red eye, or any other change with vision or eye health. Comprehensive eye care and yearly appointments can mean the early diagnosis and treatment of common eye and vision problems. This can aid in preventing vision loss, and even protect from stroke, diabetes, and even some cancers.

We pride ourselves on our utilization of top-notch optometry technology, and we are the first practice in Lima to feature Optomap Retinal Imaging as part of our services. This helps us protect your eyes from vision impairment or blindness, by getting a complete picture of the back of your eye. Additionally, we are able to use an automated phoropter, which means there is much less of you having to choose, “which is better, one or two.” For a full description of our services, click the links below.